A work of art

Another day of snow. A good time to write, I guess. I would start with this: If someone watch a day of your life on mute, what message would it speak? Would it look like a work of art?My answer is yes and no. I cannot actually imagine my life on mute or imagine myself […]


(Other perspectives) Every day. Same thing. But not nothing. Every day. We grow. I grow. Towards the sun.  Her head tilted, thinking about what to write. She has been doing the same thing over and over again for days, and there seems to be nothing new to share. Tilted. Is that all life offers?  I […]

Puzzle Piano and Books

My own guide to complete a puzzle:  Step 1: sort out pieces that build up the frame of the picture, especially the four corners. Step 2: sort out different colors: bright and dark, or other special details that can be easily recognized. Step 3: don’t be intimidated, and be patient And by being patient with a little […]