List 100

Things I want to do before I die, in no particular order.

  1. Write and publish 3 book
  2. Learn Chinese
  3. Learn Spanish
  4. Speak at TED
  5. Scuba dive
  6. Surf in Thailand
  7. Live in an Asian country besides Vietnam
  8. Live in a Vietnamese city besides Saigon
  9. Do a Bible tour
  10. Go to Mecca
  11. Visit 100 countries
  12. Make Pho from scratch
  13. Meet Elon Musk
  14. See auroras
  15. Go on an at-least-one-week thru-hike
  16. Speak Chinese in Taiwan
  17. Visit an Amish community
  18. Sit on a train for two days
  19. Visit Alaska
  20. Do a Vietnam tour
  21. Research and write about my family history
  22. Climb Great Wall, China
  23. Climb Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt
  24. Fall in love
  25. Be a parent
  26. Take my family on a trip overseas
  27. Plan a wedding for a friend
  28. Live in 2+ countries
  29. Read 1000 books
  30. Start a company
  31. Speak at a tech conference
  32. Build my own home
  33. Take a hot-air balloon ride
  34. Run a half marathon
  35. Get married to someone I love
  36. Be on a cruise for 2 weeks
  37. Learn to ski
  38. Learn to drive a car
  39. Invite a stranger to my home
  40. Dine at a 3 star Michelin restaurants
  41. Eat sushi in Japan
  42. Live on a farm for at least a month
  43. Date a PTNK-er
  44. Camp under a clear view of the Milky Way
  45. Now how to find the northern star
  46. Learn to play an instrument
  47. Learn salsa
  48. Eat sushi in Japan
  49. Have a 30-video Youtube channel with good content
  50. Get a bachelor’s degree
  51. Get a full-ride scholarship for master’s degree
  52. Have a salad from my own garden
  53. Go on an African safari
  54. Finish the Bible
  55. Work as a researcher or a research assistant
  56. Write for Hoa Hoc Tro
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