[ DAY 149 ] Let’s talk family

“Are you guys a family?” *silence* “Uhm yes, I believe so. A dysfunctional one but still, a family.” Joseph Morgan as he talked about his Vampire cast family I think my family is the same. We are dysfunctional. We don’t have many things that others do. We (probably learned from each other) always fill ourContinue reading “[ DAY 149 ] Let’s talk family”

[ DAY 145 ] Pick the tools because the world is your toolbox

I think languages are just tools. It helps me connect with others, because through languages I tell them what I think and they tell me what’s on their minds. I’d never love languages if it means I can only do grammar exercises or rewrite sentences. That’s not what words were born for. They are tools,Continue reading “[ DAY 145 ] Pick the tools because the world is your toolbox”

[ DAY 144 ] How wild it was, to let it be

“It was all unknown to me then, as I sat on that white bench on the day I finished my hike. Everything except the fact that I didn’t have to know. That is was enough to trust that what I’d done was true. To understand its meaning without yet being able to say precisely whatContinue reading “[ DAY 144 ] How wild it was, to let it be”

[ DAY 140 ] Shhh let’s keep silent

When we were still living together, there were many times when my roommate Ariel surrounded herself with complete silence, perhaps while cleaning her room or cooking. I told her, also that many times, that if it were me, I’d put on some music, dancing along, or I’d listen to my audiobook, entirely immersing in theContinue reading “[ DAY 140 ] Shhh let’s keep silent”

[ DAY 139 ] Change at the Speed of Light

Finally, my apartment is no longer surrounded by constructions. Traffic is less frustrating, and the air has improved. To serve the rising demand of the infrastructure, they expanded roads and put in traffic lights. About 5 more as far as I can count. The first day when the lights were there, as soon as myContinue reading “[ DAY 139 ] Change at the Speed of Light”

[ DAY 138 ] Letter to myself a month from now

Dear future Thi, You have to know that I won’t be writing to you except when most necessary. And you might or might now remember what happened today or the events that lead to such letter, so I’ll remind you. Today, you hit your sister two times, and you “taught” her with harsh words. YouContinue reading “[ DAY 138 ] Letter to myself a month from now”

[ DAY 137 ] Can you feel it?

“You have to feel the car,” said my driving teacher. “You have to feel the scene and follow what you imagined,” said my drawing teacher. You have to feel it. all the teachers who weren’t really helping I was a few days/weeks into doing something new, learning, so everything was fresh to my mind andContinue reading “[ DAY 137 ] Can you feel it?”