[ DAY 142 ] Below, at, or above my limits

My goal today was running 3 miles, so that’s why I had 4.8 km instead of 5 km. I realized this after I finished my run, and I regretted not continue the last 0.2 km. That’s what ignorance of the conversion between kilometer and mile causes me LOL. I don’t feel happy on my run.Continue reading “[ DAY 142 ] Below, at, or above my limits”

[ DAY 140 ] Shhh let’s keep silent

When we were still living together, there were many times when my roommate Ariel surrounded herself with complete silence, perhaps while cleaning her room or cooking. I told her, also that many times, that if it were me, I’d put on some music, dancing along, or I’d listen to my audiobook, entirely immersing in theContinue reading “[ DAY 140 ] Shhh let’s keep silent”