[DAY 6] What I learned after hours playing Candy Crush Saga

Ok, just to be clear. I spend the max just a little bit more than an hour every day to play Candy Crush Saga. I play it during study or work breaks, or when I’m waiting. So, to say that I spend hours on it is an overstatement because I know a lot of theContinue reading “[DAY 6] What I learned after hours playing Candy Crush Saga”

[DAY 4] Illusions to the Human Eyes

Today marks my 12th week at home, with minimal interactions with human beings, minimal conversations, and lots of feelings just for myself. But it’s nice. It has been sunny. The sky has been clear blue. And I just can’t think of anything else I would want more than j-u-s-t t-h-i-s. I went to the park.Continue reading “[DAY 4] Illusions to the Human Eyes”

[DAY 3] I Realized Something I Should Work on

Reality isn’t so nice. It’s easier said than done, as one is often reminded, and a habit isn’t built over night. I have many dreams for my life, and as a person who buys into the value of self-discipline and tries to live up to certain self-expectation, I often find myself disappointed of how IContinue reading “[DAY 3] I Realized Something I Should Work on”

[DAY 1] Are We Free to Choose What We Say?

Feelings. So there’s sadness and there’s anger. There’s exhaustion and there’s confusion. All the words but never enough to describe. So we invent ways to categorize them: bad vs. good, productive vs. unproductive. I personally prefer the latter. I think all feelings have their unique meanings, but there are emotions that make me stop wantingContinue reading “[DAY 1] Are We Free to Choose What We Say?”