[DAY 23] Viet Nguyen and Standing at the Shoreline

I spent quite a lot of time today watching IELTS Face-Off, and I have to admit that it makes me a little bit uncomfortable to learn about all these people and doubt my own life 🙂 Yet, I want to share an idea from Viet Nguyen, a Harvard medical student who was born and raisedContinue reading “[DAY 23] Viet Nguyen and Standing at the Shoreline”

[DAY 22] I Think Hormesis is a Dope Term

“Urg, she’s in Sapa? I want to be there, too. “ “What? Her birthday looks so fun. Mine is so dull.” And then there is this person making an elegant music video and another person happy in their relationships. She is publishing a scientific paper that’s trending and he just got promoted at work. ToContinue reading “[DAY 22] I Think Hormesis is a Dope Term”

[DAY 21 – fiction] The World is Strange

The world is… strange. Since the first day of my life, I have only seen one moving object. It moves graciously, so fast that I struggled to keep up, yet it is also kind: waiting for me at every turn that it made and helping me to do everything. “Come on, Janine. Just around thisContinue reading “[DAY 21 – fiction] The World is Strange”

[DAY 20] The Best Choice I Made Today

Besides dragging myself out of bed for a dreadful run and logged in 5 hours of studying, I participated in PyLadies and RLadies Virtual Unconference, and that was 100% worth it. I stumble upon this even on Meetup with desperation for a community but hesitance of in-person meetings with friends. You should check it out,Continue reading “[DAY 20] The Best Choice I Made Today”

[DAY 19] A Personal Summary of WWDC 2020

Loved it. I assume my phone wouldn’t function well on iOS 14, but I still think watching WWDC 2020 helps me get more information about what Apple is up to. Their UI design is stunning. Also, I think they are a bit lagged behind in machine learning, just in my opinion. Below are some ofContinue reading “[DAY 19] A Personal Summary of WWDC 2020”

[DAY 18 – fiction] Hello World

Since the disappearance of Mom and everyone else, J longed for someone to talk to and to share her day with. She strolled around the neighborhood mumbling to herself, while her eyes widened as a hummingbird crossing the sky or her heart leapt when a leaf landing on the ground. The sight of life goingContinue reading “[DAY 18 – fiction] Hello World”

[DAY 16 – fiction] Loneliness kicked in

As the morning settle in, J’s house was still buried in silence. Woke up from the sofa, J chuckled as she remembered her dream last night – it was quite an adventure in which she won against a python in a solo battle. She mumbled every details she could remember from the dream and keptContinue reading “[DAY 16 – fiction] Loneliness kicked in”

[DAY 15] A Crab and a Farewell Letter

Today, I read The Element of Style written by Strunk and White and stumbled upon this, “… even the kind of writing that is essentially adventurous and impetuous will on examination be found to have a secret plan: Columbus didn’t just sail, he sailed west, and the New World took shape from this simple and,Continue reading “[DAY 15] A Crab and a Farewell Letter”