Lịch trình

Theo thói quen thì sáng mình sẽ dậy sớm và nằm nướng trên giường. Nghịch điện thoại nhưng cũng cố trở nên có ích bằng cách mở outlook calendar ra rồi nghĩ xem mỗi ngày mình sẽ làm gì, hôm đó có môn nào phải nộp bài. Hôm nay là Chúa Nhật, ngày mai làContinue reading “Lịch trình”

Mini cocoa mug

It is beautiful the way it is. Saturday’s afternoon – a day for relaxation, a day for friendships to grow. But when it comes to art, music, or knowledge, I often spend time on my own. I want to step out of the crowd to enjoy them myself. We went to CreativiTea in Fair Heaven,Continue reading “Mini cocoa mug”

Apart but together

CCF – Campus Christian Fellowship, also my family. Fridays are CCF days, because the coolest people in CCF will go to club meeting, and I get to see and talk to all of them. It is a community where I can find myself being a really different person, but also still a real me. TodayContinue reading “Apart but together”

AC – hot & cold

29°C, 30°C or 4°C, 15°C Which one is colder than which? I don’t know. We look at things from different perspectives, and sometimes it also means that what we think does not necessarily what others think. Standing inside of a glass building, I would say it looks so nice outside, but when actually walking underContinue reading “AC – hot & cold”

Focus on your breath only

That was my assignment today. You are to focus on your breath only. For five minutes. Again, doing only that, and not falling asleep. So I did. In the midst of school and work, this seems to me like a waste of time. Sitting there and just breathing?! But because it was a part ofContinue reading “Focus on your breath only”


Ngày đầu tiên, tụi mình có hẹn với Năng Khiếu. Tụi mình tụ họp tại đây, trong căn phòng màu trắng, với những cái duyên ngầm. Tụi mình đã trở thành Văn. Nhưng rồi tụi mình lại chậm mất một nhịp, chậm mất vài bước đi, để rồi tụi mình đã lỡ hẹn. Tụi mìnhContinue reading “CHÀO EM, NHỮNG CÔ GÁI CÓ HẸN VỚI NĂNG KHIẾU”