[ DAY 133 ] Who are you? Please log in

To-do: Finish sign up page, log in page with full functions such as checking inputs in both client-side and server-side, using passportjs to authenticate users, securing passwords with bcrypt. Remember to: finish water bottle of 1.5L, stand up every hour for 2 minutes, and not be too harsh on myself if my eyes or myContinue reading “[ DAY 133 ] Who are you? Please log in”

[ DAY 132 ] Edit and search functions: checked

Done: I added search and pagination functions to my website. I also fixed unexpected bugs when deploying such as problems with CORS policy. I fixed this by adding the header and ultimately turning off my laptop for a while. Learned: • The difference between URI parameter (ex: https://thilee.blog/about) and query parameter (ex: https://thilee.blog/search?page=about, and thatContinue reading “[ DAY 132 ] Edit and search functions: checked”

[ DAY 131 ] Lessons learned after driving lessons ended

Remembering the main goal. My main goal was passing the test, no matter the score. 80 or 100 means the same thing, so why bother with perfectionism? But that isn’t the main reason why I should focus on my goal. It also helped me plan out my practice accordingly and check where my confidence liesContinue reading “[ DAY 131 ] Lessons learned after driving lessons ended”

Today’s pick: UNICEF & UNCRC

UNICEF: United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, or United Nations Children’s Funds. Executive Director of UNICEF is Henrietta H Fore. “Vietnam is the first Asian country and second in the world to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child(CRC),” according to http://www.unicef.org. The Convention on the Rights of Child, or UNCRC, or CôngContinue reading “Today’s pick: UNICEF & UNCRC”

[ DAY 128 ] How long does it take to form a habit?

Well, certainly not 21 days like everyone says. I learned that habits people want to own such as waking up early or meditating or reading a number of books per year are not one-size-fits-all. It varies from people to people, and choosing the habits that suit us is as important as sticking to the habitsContinue reading “[ DAY 128 ] How long does it take to form a habit?”

[ DAY 127 ] Another day of learning

What I learned/try to understand today: Async and API. And it’s actually really fun! Except for when it’s not. I still cannot really explain these terms to people who are not familiar with JS or coding concepts in general though, especially in Vietnamese, but it’s getting there. Angular still makes me shiver lol. But IContinue reading “[ DAY 127 ] Another day of learning”

[ DAY 126 ] Con gái hay con người

“Anh ơi, cho em xin phép chỉ Thi cái này xíu nha rồi em debug liền.”“Mày chỉ xong nhớ đòi tiền nha.”“Thôi anh, đòi tiền gì!” “Sao thôi?”“Bản là con gái mà.”“Ủa vậy bản phải con người không?” Ừa nói chung là kể vui thôi. Hai ông này la om tỏi giữa chợ vậy đó.Continue reading “[ DAY 126 ] Con gái hay con người”