[ DAY 147 ] Happiness!(?)

Today I learned that I don’t like the word “happy” or “happiness.” I learn that it’s so shallow and it doesn’t cover the ups and downs of my life. To be frank, it overlook my challenging days, those that I raise me higher, while putting this pressure on me that I must feel happy all the time or else there’s a problem with me.

I don’t want my life purpose is to be happy. It’s not enough. It’s not who I am.

I’m a mess of all emotions. I’m the bored, the angry, the frustrated. I’m the grateful, the caring, and the smarty. I can be many things, and I appreciate the wheel of emotions I run rounds and rounds of every day.

I learned about the circle of intention for the first time today. I didn’t get the full explanation of what “intention” really means, but I did write up my circle. It’s about how I want each aspect of my life to look like and how I want to work towards those “intentions” (self, family, work, play, community, and the sum of them all).

Here’s my list:

  1. Self: to be healthy and to be insightful
  2. Family: caring and supportive
  3. Work: getting paid to learn
  4. Play: I’m grateful as long as I have someone to play with
  5. Community: where I am surrounded by like-minded people and feel safe
  6. Above all, I want to make my life worth it.

What about you? What are your intentions in life? What are you aiming for? What do you think is the purpose you are working towards, and how have you been working on your life?

Published by Thi Le


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