[ DAY 143 ] getting unStuck

Authentication: I’m still working on authenticating. I have made it through generating tokens and now I need to send requests with headers that contain cookie, where I store the JWT token generated. However! However, for some unknown reasons, the requests I wrote (to get a list of dishes from database, for example) don’t have cookie automatically attached to them. I’ll switch to storing token in local storage for now, just so I can keep on with the project. It’s not that I won’t ever come back to cookie. It’s just that I need a break from this loop of trying and getting stuck.

I watched a few videos from a bootcamp on authentication, but they don’t really help. It’s not that the instructor mentioned many things I already knew – I learned a lot, to be honest – but that what they taught weren’t applicable to my case. Most of them only verify with passport, or only on the server side, or only with local storage. I’m trying to look on Github with keywords such as “angular nodejs jwt.” Some results were helpful, and I hope I can find my solution there, somewhere.

Even though I have tried, I never got the confidence and the understanding to actually write tutorials LOL. I’m wondering when that day will come. Then, “my mind” category wouldn’t be so boring such as this. Wait for me 🙂

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