[ DAY 140 ] Shhh let’s keep silent

Drawn by me

When we were still living together, there were many times when my roommate Ariel surrounded herself with complete silence, perhaps while cleaning her room or cooking. I told her, also that many times, that if it were me, I’d put on some music, dancing along, or I’d listen to my audiobook, entirely immersing in the world the audiobook created.

It seems like I’m wasting my time, when I do the tasks that don’t engage my mind. It seems that I need to learn, even when I’m cleaning, running, or resting. The world comprises of all kinds of sounds, and I have to listen to the meaningful waves.

On my run today, I realized that always forcing my mind in mental work isn’t a good thing. I need silence, not only to rest, but also to fuel myself, to make way for the stream of creativity to come through, and to let a different perspective reveals. I have seen myself in the day to day activities, and that hasn’t been helping when it comes to truly understand myself. I think it’s something to try out – letting silence settle things down and learn from the pieces that finally find its place.

They say 10 minutes is enough. It can be called meditation – the act of sitting still and be conscious and clear the mind. But I’ll just be silent and in silence. 10 minutes, let’s go for that today.


Run: 2km, pace: 6:55

I’m striving for any pace that is faster than 7:30, so 6:55 was pretty good 🙂

Published by Thi Le


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