[ DAY 139 ] Change at the Speed of Light

Finally, my apartment is no longer surrounded by constructions. Traffic is less frustrating, and the air has improved. To serve the rising demand of the infrastructure, they expanded roads and put in traffic lights. About 5 more as far as I can count.

The first day when the lights were there, as soon as my taxi driver stopped when red light was on, the person from behind us got out of his car and came over to ask my driver to drive on.

“No one ever stops here. Lights? No one follows those lights!”

“I have to stop because it’s the law. You don’t know the rules then you should shut up.”

I also found it odd that he stopped. I searched my memory for the moment when my parents might have done the same thing, but nothing showed. The lights indicated very clearly he was doing the right thing, though. At the time I felt as though the world was up side down, and I couldn’t rely on my memory anymore.

Later that day, I asked my dad about the new traffic light. He denied it so fiercely, saying that he just got out from there and saw no such light. A day or two later, he came home and confirmed that yes there were new lights and yes there were new rules.

And in just a few days I saw people quickly adjust to the new change. And I realized it’s not only my area that is moving at the speed of light. It’s my city. It’s this generation. It’s the world.

And it’s not easy to adapt, but adapting is what needs to be done. In the traffic light case, it’s necessary that we all know laws and how to read signs and traffic lights so we can follow the direction, even though it goes against our intuition. I

n many other events in life, such as transitioning to college or to a new job position, we need to change by continue learning.

In life, such as when technology emerges in daily activities, we have to understand what we’ve got that’s at our advantages and what the challenges ahead, and we need to learn, learn, and adapt.

Published by Thi Le


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