[ DAY 137 ] Can you feel it?

“You have to feel the car,” said my driving teacher.

“You have to feel the scene and follow what you imagined,” said my drawing teacher.

You have to feel it.

all the teachers who weren’t really helping

I was a few days/weeks into doing something new, learning, so everything was fresh to my mind and muscles. I still take the time to think of each move, and before I can feel anything, I have to know how to do it first.

When my teachers told me to feel it, I took that notion in, yet I told myself to not be frustrated if I couldn’t follow their advice, yet. Do I even need to go to class if I could do the most important thing a few lessons in?

So dear my teachers, I don’t know how many talents you have made, but I’m not yet and probably won’t be one of them. I’m just a normal person trying to gain more skills and diverse my knowledge, and there are many things I have to unlearn and relearn.

I would love to learn the foundations, first. Because as long as I get to understand the fundamentals, I can feel when I’m on my train of thoughts. I can feel independently of yours.

Best regards,

Thi Le

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