[ DAY 131 ] Lessons learned after driving lessons ended

Remembering the main goal. My main goal was passing the test, no matter the score. 80 or 100 means the same thing, so why bother with perfectionism? But that isn’t the main reason why I should focus on my goal. It also helped me plan out my practice accordingly and check where my confidence lies as the test day drew near.

Balancing between resting and practicing. Here’s the thing about driving: it requires muscle memory. I might need to focus on every step at the beginning, but I can only be a better driver when all the actions are ingrained in my muscle. The best way to let knowledge sink in? Resting. Resting. Resting. That’s what I do before all the exams in my life. Getting enough sleep, even though I might get panicked and wake up every hour of the night. BUT! IF! If I don’t understand how things work to figure them out during stressful exams, or if I haven’t learned enough, there was no way I could do well on the exam. There is no luck. There is only information sticking somewhere inside my brain waiting to get poured out. So if there isn’t enough context, try a little bit more. Get good rest, but remember to put in a little bit more effort to understand that one concept. That’ll take it further, or at least in my case it worked.

It’s fine that one has to try harder to reach the same goal. I think that makes total sense. Not everyone is born the same so there’s not reason everyone needs the same level of effort to get somewhere. My driving group was of 4 people, three guys who just take up all the seats. They have different comfortable levels when it comes to driving, but they are for sure more likely to pass the exam first attempt 🙂 I was the one my teach worries the most. So I tried a little bit more and a little bit more. I probably got the most practice hours logged in haha but that made me proud, not ashamed. At least I know how to fill in my flaws, not giving excuses such as, “I can never do it.”

So there, a few things I learned apart from lots of driving rules. It was a fun experience. I kinda miss it though.

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