[ DAY 126 ]

Location: 3o’clock. I once solemnly swore I wouldn’t come here again, and I have come almost every week since. I usually got peach tea, which was oftentimes awesome. I got milk tea today, and for some reason I can feel my heart beating really fast – is it because of this drink?

What I’m trying to learn: dependency injection. Am I close to understanding it and comfortably using it? 70% for the former and 0% for the later. I watched a video on it and I was lost half way through it 🙂

When people say, “[This] makes code cleaner, easier to modify, and easier to read,” I’d definitely roll my eyes. What’s next? I put my hands up my head, and then I roll my eyes again. Are you serious? How is it going to make code cleaner when whenever I need to modify a function I need to go through a bazillion files?

But whatever. I know you get the saying because you are cool.

The corp I’m working for has 5 other people who are always present at the office. And the atmosphere was intense! They were having problems both on the business side and on the technical side. And the two ends where the CFO and CTO sit were like tight knots that squeeze the middle. Anyways, it wasn’t like that when I stepped in the office earlier because the CTO was playing game and then scrolling through Tiki. I mean, is Wednesday chill day? Should I go home? He also started strolling around and talking to people from other startups. Yet, I think he was trying to figure out the problem 🙂 Because a minute later he sat down at his desk and continuously typing and writing in his notebook. He swore sometimes, although so quietly that you could only hear him when you pay close attention.

What I’m trying to get at here is that even though my CTO is the most humorous of this company, he is a real deal (you don’t say) and when he needs to work – he does do the work well, with occasional stand-up to think. Especially when the CFO said, “can you quickly get the software run?”

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