[DAY 119] A Dream Trip

As many of you might have known, I do travel. I think it’s a way of living. I think it’s my way of living. Facebook and Instagram are smart to always suggest me posts of scenic destinations, while I always daydream about nature and the faraway lands.

But, as many of you might have not known, I have become more hesitant towards newness. I explore less nowadays, while enjoying books I have read, movies I have watched, and the company of people I have known for a long time. They say this is a sign of getting old. Maybe?

So, when Nam Anh asked the ten of us what our dream trips were, I dismissed all the places I have not yet explored. I believe I will get there one day, with or without money, and with or without company, so I thought of something else. Something that brings me exciting and nostalgic and satisfying feelings.

At that moment, my head was flooded with images from the trail close to my house on Bedford Avenue. I was at the entrance of that trail on hot days and cold days. Joyful time and dreadful time. Early morning or as late as I couldn’t see anything clear. I was there, by myself and with friends, listening to the wind whistling to the trees or the funny people with interesting stories on Planet Money. I knew when I would need to wear glasses on my run so I could avoid slugs. I knew when birds would be my friend and heat would be my challenge.

My dream trip would be to be back on that trail. Back when Sam was a toddler with very few words and a curious mind to repeat endlessly after my sayings. Back when Sophia clung to me because I mentioned insects I had seen on that trail. I miss those days, and I am willing exchange any of my future trip to go back to that exact awesome time of Covid-19 year I.

Those days passed by so fast. So FAST! I couldn’t even believe myself that I left for America more than 3 years ago. When I see my friends, people would say I look like I come from the countryside of Vietnam, not the luxurious America. I agree. With a blink of an eye, three years went by. The trip I could not take again was gone forever. I know I say I miss those days all the time. I know I say I miss the people all the time. What can I do when that’s exactly what I feel, even though I am highly aware I cannot do anything about it.

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