[DAY 117]

#1. Thanks to my time at Khan I know well how to use Spreadsheet to organize tasks. I am applying what I observed at Khan in my current job, and my boss definitely likes me more for that.

#2. I still have deadlines going on, and most of them I set for myself. Of course, I don’t finish everything on time, and you might advise me to put off this scary ‘ritual’, yet deadlines still help. I am also trying to say ‘deadline’ less because I don’t want to appear stressful or overly worried.

#3. I’m happy my co-worker from a job I left loves her job right now, and it was for my referral. It was fun to hang out with her and catch up. I hope she’ll be ready for the tasks coming up.

#4. I didn’t leave the aforementioned job with just a friend. I also learned that 8 hours a day can mean a lot, but it’s a pain to focus that entire time. I’m trying to plan my 8-hour workday well so I can finish the deadlines and go home without worries.

#5. I get paid to learn. Literally. Like, for real. I hope I’ll get paid to travel soon.

#6. Guys, there are so many things to adapt oneself to at any workplaces. I think everyone is nice, but I cannot be entirely myself to them. I put up my guard a little bit and observe what others do so I can blend in well.

#7. The magic number. There is still time. I need to be patient.

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