[DAY 113]

My boss says this almost every day, “it doesn’t matter if you’re 99% sure about your performance with a guest – if you cannot close that deal, that 99% will become 0%, or nothing.”

A deal is only a deal when it has been successfully delivered, and the customer on the other end has paid. It doesn’t matter what you did in between because on the paper, numbers are what represent you. If you can’t meet your KPI, you have failed that month. In competitive environments, the system will eliminate you.

I know in school, grades were close to nonsensical tools to compare an individual to another. But in the workplace, it’s totally realistic that your boss looks at the report and either scolds you or praises you.

I don’t have to chase after numbers, because my job wasn’t selling anything and so far my work can’t be quantized. Yet, listening to my boss at meetings (either as a translator or an observer), I think my life will be so much better with goals met (but sadly more stressful) if I measure my progress with numbers. It’s the workplace and real life where I cannot say, “I have tried my best, so I should be celebrated no matter what.” It’s the workplace and real life where I have to think, “no, there has to be some changes on the reports.”

A 99% confidence that turns into 0% still offers a lot of us to learn. It’s the fail attempts that teach us what we need to improve on and what we have done well. But remember, to be recognized in this world really means you have to be able to prove it. With numbers.

So do it. And show the results.

Published by Thi Le


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