[DAY 110] Traffic light

Have you ever been on a street that seems to be made out of continuous traffic lights? You stop at one red light, and as soon as you get out of it, there’s another one waiting for you down the line, and then another one, and another one.

For some people, they neither speed up nor slow down. They press the gas pedal and feel content in lieu of the surrounding fast-paced crowd. They will go straight through a couple more junctions and stop at each. Eventually, they will make a turn, or they’ll get to their destination. Maybe they will go home and call it a day. Or they don’t even want to go home. Maybe getting stuck in traffic really means they are getting out of something. Reality? That’s an option.

For others, they will do something. They’ll make a move. I personally will try to go faster and faster. I may choose a less travelled road. I may make a turn onto Hoang Sa/Truong Sa (they are along the river bank and they have no traffic light). As a person who wants to take control, which sometimes is a bad thing, I won’t give in to life circumstances. I will do something different.

Well, those were my subjective thoughts about traffic. And I’m not saying I choose the right thing to do and others choose otherwise. Sometimes, I even have pep talks about how great traffic is while trying to calm myself and not speed up.

Such cycle reminds me of the cycle of life. Some people hit one rock bottom after another. Some people run into life hardships like I run into 10 red lights in a few minutes (that was an exaggeration). Life can get terrible at times, and I am in no position to judge which rock bottom is better. However, I am a strong believer in one’s power to get out of it. I know it’s hard and it’s heartbreaking sometimes to break the cycle, but it’s possible. The first thing we can do is to believe.




T vừa viết cái gì z : D

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