[DAY 109]

Will anyone ever gets used to the negative critics from others? I don’t think I ever will, even though I see myself as one with thick skin – one who doesn’t take what’s not worth it.

But today I could sense it in the air. I might have been too pessimistic, perhaps because I haven’t been eating as much or because I have had a long day, but I was grumpy and could point out uncomfortable things people say/do.

It’s sad because with other people, I kept everything in. When I was unhappy with what someone said, which was full of judgement, I shut up and changed spot. I shut up and stayed calm. Yet, when I got home, I poured everything down on my sister. She said something offensive and boom! I exploded on her. I don’t know how much I regret this, but I know I could have behaved better and could have gone to bed earlier.

Published by Thi Le


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