[DAY 108] past fourteen days

Two weeks back: I love it here.

Before I went back, I was anxious about living long-term with my parents. I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough privacy or freedom or motivation to work hard, because at home I’m a semi-baby.

Yet, my parents turn out to be supportive of my growth outside of home. Even though my dad still frowns when I say I’m going to meet this person and that, he still lets me go and worries little about my whereabouts. Even though we have a gym in our building, they didn’t say a thing about me going to a gym 30 minutes away and eat on a meal plan.

It’s great to decide what to do, and that way it’s easier to open to them about what’s going on with my life. It seems that by letting me off the rope a little bit, they gain more: my trust and my honesty.

So what have I been doing? Mostly networking. I balance between seeing friends from high school/middle school and meeting new people. I joined English Speaking Club in District 1. I went to a Christian church with an old friend instead of my Catholic church with my parents, and there I met some new friendly people. I was more open to some family members and more willing to spend time with them. I find my love in English, now that I don’t get to use it that much.

And above all, I painted an apartment 🙂 That might sound easy, but with no experience and little physical strength/endurance, it was hard work. My shirt went through a cycle of wet and dry of sweat a couple times a day. I climbed up a chair and down staircases, only to make about 150 m2 look better than it was. So now, if you have questions about walls and painting them or cleaning them, you can ask me. I might know.

This week, I’ll write more frequently. I think I can get back to the old writing schedule. I’ll also read more, but since I already accomplished my reading goal of the year, I don’t really push this. I still read though because it’s an essential part of my life, like brushing my teeth or washing my face every morning.

I’ll also go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. Saigon is really weird. Rush hour is around the clock: you can get stuck on the road just about all the time of a day. Thus, I want to wake up a little bit earlier to get the fresher air and enjoy the morning view of the city. My workout starts at 7am, so I hope to get enough sleep before 6am and have enough time to prepare food and head out without rushing it.

Also, something I never did when I was in Vietnam: packing lunch! That sounds strange, but I always ate out. Now that I’m eating on a meal plan, I’d prefer cooking and packing lunch according to my need. I think it’ll be really fun. I also try to help my parents out with dinner, but their food is already the best 😦 My help doesn’t add up that much.

In the beginning when I was just back, I spent most of my day being anxious about what to do with my life: yes, it sounds grand and I didn’t have the answer. I think once I started putting my hands on things, I became more motivated to live my life as it is: learning with less anxiety from not learning enough. I hope my next weeks will only get better, and I hope to visit Hanoi soon.

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