[DAY 100] First Day: Checked

Wow that’s super fast! It’s already 100 days since I committed writing every day. Yay!

My whole day today was dedicated to talking with strangers. I was SO scared! I was worried that people might don’t like me or think that I’m freaking boring. Yet, I needed to put myself out there because I already missed human interactions so much.

And I started it with, “how old are you?” It’s not normal in America if you say such a thing. I would put on my guard if someone asks the question because it’s personal on an unnecessary level. With the pronounces “I” and “you”, you just don’t freaking need to know someone’s ages!

But here in Vietnam we have a pretty clear system. Pronounces not only clarify how old you are relative to who you’re speaking to, but also how intimate the relationship is. You don’t talk to elders like to your little ones. You don’t use the same words, sometimes. I needed to know the other person’s age, to play the rules of the system.

And it turns out, people are nowhere close to intimidating. It’s been long since I meet so many people who listen so well. We share our American stories and our Vietnamese lives. We talk nicely of things and trash of things. We are those who came home for this.

To be honest, I thought I could do this every day. First day: success.

Published by Thi Le


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