[DAY 99] Middle Seat

“Is middle seat ok for you?”

NO. “Yes, that’s great.” NO. I don’t want middle seat because it’s inconvenient and I need to pee and I need to wake everyone up when I need to pee and I need to get stuff from my bag and middle seat sucks.

And I end up with it because I freaking said yes. Because there was a stronger voice that goes like this, “someone needs it more than me.”

I’m a young healthy human being who has so little to lose and so much to not sacrifice. Someone might need to pee more than I do. Someone might need to get their bag more than I do.

So I will sit in the middle. Whatever that means in the context of Covid-19. Good luck to me, then. To be home safe and to have funny stories to tell.

It has been fun for the past 11 hours, that’s for sure. 🙂

Published by Thi Le


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