[DAY 86] The Less the Better

I was having a little fun with Math until I came across this, and before I knew it, my palm was sweating and I was nagging myself, “why on Earth did I get into this?”

2348613. Long enough and messy enough to freak all Math learners out. Except myself in 4th grade. Back then, I was learning about millions and billions and how to say them and how to speak money. It was my most favorite activity for homework: to write numbers in complicated words. Years later, I realize that I hardly use any numbers that is as big as 9,000,000,000.

When I stumbled upon 2348613 today, I did not feel good. It was hard to not screw up and it was even harder to check where exactly I got it wrong. All of the sudden, I feel so grateful for the small numbers I have encountered almost my whole life. The numbers resulting from the hard work of many teachers, who I believed to actually sit down and work through the problems to see if the numbers were in good shape (that’s my assumption).

It reminds me of all the stuff I own but hardly ever touch and how maybe there’s a big number lying somewhere and stopping me from reaching to something simpler and more fulfilling. Uh I don’t know. It’s been crazy these days around here.

By the way, the answer to that Math problem was (0; 0; 0; 0), so in a sense the big number really didn’t mean that much. Screw you, 2348613!

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