[DAY 81] This is why you should try to find something you don’t like

I took a Political Science class Fall 2019. It was both hell and heaven because I learned so much but I also was buried under piles of homework and documents to read. It was stressful, especially when I worked at 6:45 am most days of the week that whole quarter. I love what I got out of the class, including the teacher’s daily reminder: “if you are liberal, check Fox News or the Walls Street Journal, and if you are conservative, try the Guardian or the Huffington Post.” That certainly is only an advice, not an obligation, but the point is, we all have to add different spices into our political life.

It is easy to be a liberal in a liberal world. It is easy to think you are always right when everyone around you are agreeing with what you believe in. But it is more important to challenge your view and take into the different side’s opinion. Most activists are active in fighting for their sides, and with today’s social problems I only see them fighting but never come to solving anything. Most public arguments can be boiled down to left and right, while people neglect others’ need to be listened and others’ personal background that founded their stance in debates.

I’m not attacking political views now. I try to and I do respect different opinions, even though, as you all might have known, that is really hard. We all think politics is a faraway topic that we can back away from, but when you break it down its fundamentals work for everything else in life.

I am fascinated with how Spotify and Youtube and Netflix and Facebook and basically all platforms and applications use algorithm to spot out the pattern of what I listen to, watch, read. I am fascinated that whenever I’m on the Internet there’s always an endless source of my favorite things. I am fascinated that my computer can occupy me so much just because it knows what I love, and by loving me it has brought me to love it too. This is when I’d say computer is probably better than any boyfriend I’d ever have.

Thus, we are trapped in what we love. We are trapped because unlike reading the news, we can’t just quit the platform and look for what the other side’s watching. Unlike reading the news, what we don’t like can hardly appear on account, and by that we believe we are the center of the universe and conflicts in opinion aren’t a real thing.

My suggestion: I don’t know. I have friends from different parts of the world who will occasionally drop a news I would never find by myself. I look at boards that update the most trending articles or songs or movies or posts to hopefully add something I don’t usually care about on my list. But most of all, I pray myself to actively seek out what I don’t consider my favorites, so that I can see how the world work beyond my narrow eye sight.




This was written in a rush.

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