[DAY 62] Math Contest

“Let’s have a Math contest.”
Because we are Asians
And that’s what we do for fun.
So my cousin and I
Sat on the edge of my bed
Jotting down the numbers.

“I think Tin will win.”
Tin is my cousin’s name.
“Because he’s a boy.”
And with that, my heart dropped.
My brain froze.
I didn’t want to try anymore.

It was just a little contest,
But I satisfied everyone,
Proving a girl won’t win a Math contest.
I wish I knew better.

“You and Tin should be doctors,” Grandma advised.
We both said no.
My Mom told cousin to major in Computer Science,
Because “it’s potential.”
Mom said I should major in Communications, not CS,
Even though I can barely say a word in front of our relatives.
Even though I do love CS.

I now know better.
I didn’t wish I won that little contest.
I wish I win life, win expectations.
I’m a girl, a woman,
And also a smart and strong person.
So I will choose what I want,
Even when it might not satisfy others.

Published by Thi Le


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