[DAY 59]  About Kids Crying

“爸爸这还有玩具” Kimi told Baba. “There is still Little Yellow in this bag? Kimi, we have to leave it here. We will take it back when we go home, 好不好?” “好” Kimi replied reluctantly, tears streaming down her face as she clung onto her Baba. Little Yellow was Kimi’s favorite stuffed animal, and as willingly as she gave up other toys and snacks, she was upset when Little Yellow couldn’t stay with her. “哭也没有用吧 – Crying isn’t going to help,” and with that, Kimi took back her strength, getting ready to go on this journey with Baba. “Little Yellow, 照顾好自己, take care.”

This had been my favorite scene in Dad, Where Are We Going? It was soothing to watch a show and see a little boy not yelling over what he couldn’t get but crying so quietly. How peaceful it would be if all kids sob so quietly! I remember when my sister did that, my Mom would whisper to me, “she understands that she is wrong.” Kimi wasn’t wrong. He was an honest kid telling Baba that he had turned in all toys but Little Yellow.

I suppose he remembered Little Yellow from the beginning, but he wasn’t willing to give it up until he saw other kids were struggling with their own snacks, toys, and digital devices. Kids have influence on each other, that we cannot deny. When I watched the show, I tried not to show specific preference towards one kid or another. Personally I’m not fond of competing, so I try not to make the kids on TV compete for my preference, if that matters at all.

Looking at the kids crying over their toys, I wished my life to be so simple. If only Little Yellow is all I ever need! I used to be a kid and used to long for a set of doctor toys, but I can never understand that feeling again.

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