[DAY 54] Sometimes It’s Not Just One Thing That I Learned: It’s A Collection Of Many

#1. I spent a few hours learning about API today, and it was fun to scout Goodreads and the Internet for information. It wasn’t my first time encountering Json, but it had never been clear to me why I’d need such a thing. When I learned about it back at the beginning of quarantine, by no means I found it interesting. Now, I don’t regret not paying more attention then, but I experience the undeniable notion: you can only remember something when you have the time to “meditate” on it and apply it. And, what you can learn is shaped by what you knew. I did Linear Algebra today, too. It was fun but challenging, and I practiced teaching/talking to myself so I could understand the concepts well.

#2. I finished Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I’d give it a 4 star, because I agree with a lot of what she said: sit at the table, make your partner truly a partner, and don’t leave before you leave. Besides all those, one thing stood out to me was towards the end of the book, she mentioned how women don’t really lift each other up in the work place but rather competing for the limited seats, and that makes me think of how I treat the other women in my life. I watched her TED Talk, and a lot of what she wrote in the book was mentioned, yet in Lean In she has more room to get the point across, and I feel more compelled to be a part of this feminist movement.

#3. Today was a warm day. At peak, it was up to 29ºC or 85ºF. However, I managed to take 2 walks still, even though it was not my running or exercising day. I was able to focus intensely today while alternating between rest and studying hours, and I think that sense of productivity helped me feel more energized throughout. I have stayed focused for 8 hours so far, and I still have 2.5 hours scheduled to go. I think having everything planned out throughout the day really helped. I also carefully noted out what I’d do for my breaks too, such as walking, napping, snacking, doing laundry, or talking to the Jenkins. My advice: really, really consider breaks as a part of your day, because otherwise you’ll either burn out or rest too long.

#4. I ran 4 miles yesterday. 2pm. 85ºF. I did it partly because I needed to. Some people would say, “you don’t need to do it if you don’t want to,” but hello, where is progress if I have no ability to discipline myself? I did it also because I wanted to prove that if I could run in this impossible weather (to me), there would be nothing else I couldn’t do. It might be hard to notice, but I’m definitely the complaining-about-the-weather-all-the-time kind of person. It had never been warm or cold enough for me. Thus, when I ran under such condition, I also showed myself that I could do it, and that I should shut up from then on whenever it gets slightly out of my comfort zone.

#5. My Chinese is recovering. My English is going downhill. My Vietnamese is in-between. There is never enough time to practice all of them. I’m definitely not speaking English enough given my stay in America. For Chinese, I’m trying to figure out a method to remember characters. I know that it’s best to write the words down and keep practicing, but is that all? There are rules for the characters, but they aren’t so obvious. Thus, I wonder if at some point I’ll be able to see the pattern more clearly. That, with my English and Vietnamese, I call “feel the language,” and I don’t know when that will be for my Chinese.

#6. What’s next? Well, I’m finishing up Pride and Prejudice. There is this circle that if I haven’t watched the movie, I wouldn’t understand the key ideas. Yet, because I watched the movie, I knew the plots, and the book became so much less enjoyable! Still, it’s a 5-star. I started On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong, and I have this tab open the whole day today: “Elon Musk recommends 12 Books that Changed His Life.” So there’s that to work on. I’ll explore Goodreads and Amazon API more, because I have a project I think would be fun to work on. And there are other side projects. And there are more books to read and more audiobooks to listen to. There is just isn’t enough time to learn. It’s strange to hear people say, “I don’t know what to do?”

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