[DAY 52] About Shortcuts

I love shortcuts. Cmd + Space to search for files on Mac. Ctrl + Space to change between English, Vietnamese, and Chinese Pinyin keyboard. Cmd + W to quit. Cmd + numbers to change tabs. Option + – for my favorite dash. Or Ctrl + Shift + Space to access handwriting pad for Chinese. I love all the shortcuts I can possibly remember, and if I come across ones that will be useful, no matter how complicated they seem at first, I will make it a habit for me to use them. Soon, the keyboard became my friend, and with my fingers interacting seamlessly with my laptop, I also look cooler.

Shortcuts are nice, but they are deceiving. Operating a laptop isn’t the same as operating life. Life doesn’t reward shortcuts. In fact, when you look for alternatives, you only waste your time trying to figure out a way to climb to the top of a ladder without making the first couple of steps. I admit I often fall into this trap, searching endlessly for the easier ways to success. I confess that at times, I focus so much on the rewards that rushing through the fundamentals become my means, and that only leads to the lack of understanding I now regret.

Today, I read Lean In written by Sheryl Sandberg. She has a lot to say, but one thing I want to change of myself is to make long-term and short-term plans, and the short plans should be at least 6 months or longer (Sheryl recommended 18 months because she worked for a big company). What my plans are, I hope to keep for myself. But here I want to share that I have always overestimate my learning capability, and I always aim for the best result in the shortest amount of time, which means the best result has never happened.

I think I should be more patient with change. You should. All of us should. I think a part of living is waiting, and even though waiting is dreadful, it is in that process that brings life and growth. When you have to wait to see yourself flourish, write down the times when you doubt if anything ever change. To me, it was when I was on the airplane to America. When I was in a relationship that didn’t lead to anywhere. When I applied to school and nervous of the result. These are now settled down. And there are more uncertainty to come. But don’t change your lane. Just keep going and you’ll get there.

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