[DAY 48 – poetry] Mr.Airplane

Mr.Airplane! Mr.Airplane!
Oh how I am ecstatic to see you again!
Where have you gone? What have you seen?
Tell me all about it: the oceans, the summits, the creatures…

Dear, my little girl, where should I start?
Perhaps the turbulence, when darkness seemed to win us all.
I tilted left. I tilted right.
Blinking, I didn’t dare to.

Dear, my little girl, but I persisted on.
The pilots were brave; lo and behold, I became brave through them.
We spread our wings, and we shouted,
“Don’t you scare us! Let us see the oceans, the summits, the creatures…”

Mr.Airplane, how courageous you are!
The wind didn’t stop you.
The evil only proved you strong.
Tell me, what else have you seen?

Dear, my little girl, can you name the colors of the Earth?
Blue like the sea, white like the snow.
Then there’s green of the ancient, sacred forests:
Beauty unfurled beneath my steel.

My girl, the world is wide,
And I hope to never stop telling you stories.
Yet, it is also busy.
The passengers calling out. Good day, my girl.

Oh, good-bye Mr.Airplane.
How I am glad to see you again.
Please do, come back soon. Tell me all about the world.
Please do, before I see the world myself.

Published by Thi Le


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