[DAY 45] Dear Post-Quarantine Self

Dear Post-Quarantine Self,

Today is July 18th, 2020, which is two months after the expected reopening day for Washington state, May 4th, 2020, and the situation in America is not getting better. Since March 15th, Covid-19 seemed to be the biggest trouble in the world, but then there’s #BlackLivesMatter and ICE’s decision. Life is rich, with challenges that keep weighing everyone down. No matter how positive I am, I admit that I am discouraged more often than not.

Thus, I’m writing this to you, my post-quarantine self, as an announcement to keep myself accountable for my own growth. I promise to walk out of quarantine more knowledgeable and more understanding. Even though I have little chance to experience the world, and even though it is the worst that I learn only from my bedroom, I can still do it. I My post-quarantine self, if you can do the below when you are reading this, go to the Asian store and buy the best snacks from childhood, run a lap, sleep in a little bit. Enjoy life 🙂

Because it’s a dumb idea to list things as vague as “get better at English” or “read a little bit more”, below is my specific goals I want to achieve.

  1. Run a 10K (get the miles in, ignore the pace)
  2. Get my driver’s license
  3. Get ready for HSK Level 4 exam
  4. Skincare daily and always finish my salad/veggies
  5. #100DaysOfCode (and beyond)
  6. #365DaysOfWriting (and beyond)
  7. Launch The Tale successfully

There you go, my post-quarantine self. Seven is a magic number. Even though there’s no magic in growing but hard-work and self-discipline, you can do it 🙂

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  1. These sound like really good and well aimed goals to have. It can feel very difficult to achieve specific things and remain focused, though when we make a realistic list- it is definitely a help 🙂


    1. I agree! I can’t remember how many times I fell into the trap of vague goals and never get anything done! I hope you are keeping up with your goals too 🙂


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