[DAY 44] About Exceptions

“Don’t throw your toy at people, but you can throw it on the ground.”
“Don’t pick on my flowers, but you can pick ones on the trail as much as you want.”
Read, but don’t read too much. Spend your money, but don’t spend too much.

There are always the but’s that I think are mystifying, especially to kids. They are humans, so sooner or later they will learn the fine line between too much and too little, but when they are little kids, how do you teach them? When should they do something and when not?

The answer is, “who knows?” which is completely valid. But I have personal opinions on this and below are suggestions from a kid-free young adult.

My proposal is to create consistency in what you tell them, until they are old enough and when it’s easier for them to break down complex thoughts (how old, you ask? I don’t know! Justify it for your own situation). When I mean “complex thoughts”, I think of the balance of things. An example of it would be “I should definitely read, but reading intensively and neglecting connections with other people aren’t good ideas.” There has to be a good explanation for this; otherwise, kids will be confused.

Avoiding such thing is important, but that’s definitely not easy. I have grown up with lots and lots of kids, and as a kid myself for a long while, I know that parents are trying their best, yet mistakes are inevitable. I just don’t want anyone to throw anything, because just by looking at flying objects where they are not supposed to makes me anxious. But parents, keep doing what you think is worth doing for your kids. I love you all and appreciate every part of the journey.




I want to make this more challenging for the rambling self of mine, so instead of writing just about anything in my head, I’ll limit it to 300 words. This will take more time for me chop off the unnecessary parts, and also to make my blog more interesting to read 🙂

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