[DAY 41] About Memory, Equality, and Birth Orders

Right now, I read 3 books. Enneagram Type 7 tends to open 10 books at a time and finish just a few of them, so I still think my 3 is still pretty good to not distract me completely. I also remember Nassim Nicholas Taleb said that the majority of the books in a library should be to-be-reads, not read, since it’s a representation of knowledge: 1) the more knowledge one gains, the more one understands that what’s inside one’s head is just a drop in the ocean, and 2) reading books is a process of selecting knowledge, and instead of committing yourself to something after the first few pages, let yourself immerse in that book day in day out, until you can decide either to drop it, to save for later, or to rush through every page to the very end.

Yet, the high amount of information I get from all these sources sometimes become too much for me to put the pieces together. I just know that I learn and learn and what stays will stay. So today, I’ll do a quick summary, partly is to “show off” what I know, but mostly is to help myself remember what I read more.

  1. The path to equality isn’t short. And people like Bill and Melinda Gates aren’t who they are right now because they are special; it is because they were given the opportunity to learn computer science from a young age and got lifted up by supportive people. I’m not saying this to give myself an excuse to slack off; in fact, Melinda said this in her audiobook A Moment of Lift that I listened to today. This confirmation from her made me truly believe in her work, and even though there is still a long way to go, it’s encouraging to know that someone is turning their personal luck into a well of opportunities for others who struggle.

    This book is also about Melinda Gates and how she worked towards gender equality in her family. It reminds me of how feminist I am and how my family is a source of that, because after all, I was born in a (maybe 80%) female-dominant family. Growing up, my parents shared chores: my Mom cooked breakfast and lunch in the morning and my Dad took care of dinner, and I can’t recall when the last time my Mom picked up the sweeper. We often distribute our work; for example, if Mom and Dad cooks, I will set up the table and sometimes make drinks, while my Sister will clean the table afterwards. My Sister and I often talk about what’s fair and not, but even though it’s not a perfect system, it’s a great start for both of us. If I have boys, I will show them the strength of women and teach them to respect the women around them. If I have girls, I will teach them that they do not need to submit to the male dominant hierarchy.
  2. Memory is what make me who I am, and we are capable of remembering everything, according to Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer. But I won’t go deep into that because I don’t believe it. Yet, I believe that people who are experts in their fields master the subject of matter because they remember. In one experiment when they looked at the brain of chess novices and experts while they are playing, researchers noticed that for each group, a different part of the brain is activated. Don’t ask me the scientific names of the parts, I just know that for experts, their brain recall what’s in the past, while novices perceive the chessboard as a new experience. This means that you can be averagely intelligent or brilliantly intelligent, and your chance of winning a chess game stills depends on how much you practiced in the past.
  3. Birth order matters. I’m only 30 pages in, but I think it will get really interesting. I have learned about this, but I was just scratching the surface with firstborns being organized and smart and lastborns the babies craving for attentions. I never learned how to treat them in our society, and I hope to learn more about that. 🙂

The length of each bullet points represents my understanding of them 🙂 There’s a big gap, but I’m learning!

Life Update:
✅ Ran 2.5 mi
✅ Went to Bremeton and met Jeff’s family. Jeff’s four grandparents are all healthy, and I’m amazed by how lively they are!
✅ Packed for a 5-day trip and didn’t forget a thing!! (I usually just skipped the shampoos and the towels, but my Mom kept nagging me about how irresponsible I was, so now I’m highly prepared for any plan :))

Regret: Emily asked me if I wanted to go see the comet by the water, and I said no because I still had a blog to write and pages to read and programming problems to think about 🙂 And I’m soooo tired! Even though I have valid reasons (btw, if you don’t want to do anything, any reason is valid), I still regret missing out maybe the one chance to get out of the house at night and see the dark sky with bright stars on a clear day like today. Anyway, it’s over and they had gone. So I’m just going to do the first-borns duty: put on a beauty face mask, code, and read 🙂

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