[DAY 40] About Reading

About reading: 

  1. You need to know the language (read and write) to read anything in that language
  2. But you don’t need to be proficient to start reading, for the number of books exceeds the number of language levels there are
  3. Because of the 2 above: reading in itself is a skill, not a judging tool of how well you use a language

I respect people who don’t read, because if everyone on Earth walks around with a book in their hands and their eyes fixated on the pages, that’s boring. 

Yet, to say that no one ever falls asleep with a book open and resting on the side is to lie. To say that you fall asleep when reading means reading will never be for you is to declare a false myth. 

The right way to say it: I haven’t found the right book for me, and if I have found the right book, I haven’t been patient enough with the book itself. 




✅ swam at the lake
✅ rested
✅ Binary Search and more Binary Search

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