[DAY 35] About Unbroken

I have read a number of books about the wars and wars in general, and I find them hard to read for their effects on me emotionally. Yet, I still picked Unbroken written by Laura Hillenbrand to read for this week, and for weeks now it is the only book that really makes me feel, “I want to just go home and finish it.”

I am only halfway through part II out of V, 100 pages and 18%. Everything up to this point was about Louis Zamperini’s childhood, and currently he was in war. It’s fun to see how people can live the many times their lives are read in books. Zamperini had quite an adventure already, and during the war I bet he will continuous to be more strong and resilient.

I had one highlight so far from the book. I love that Unbroken tells stories and shows details, not conclusions. Thus, I think even it’s not quotable, it’s still valuable in its lessons.

A lifetime of glory is worth a moment of pain.

Louis didn’t want to finish many of his races, and for many others he started slow and ran slow. Yet, when aiming for the Olympics, this is what he remembered of his brother. It has been hard for me lately to work on my future glory because everyday has its own temptations, so I have tried to remind myself of this more 🙂

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