[DAY 32] The Steering Wheel of Life

Salute the evergreen
I long have yet seen
The gatekeepers, you greeted at the field
Tall and strong as ever been.

Memories slipped
Through meanders out to the open green
Through time and through us
All evaporated as thin air.

I once loved and gave up on love
Friends as we were yet all drifted apart
The shaken bodies, from anger and sorrow
Nights, our pillows swallow the heartbrokenness.

Been years, you stand there unwavering
Our existence temporary compared
Our worries shattered
Staying solely the chill breezes and fresh minds.

Give my thanks to them, will you? (When they come back and live on)
For giving my soul a home
For teaching me the lesson of not just love
But seeing love through the suffering of life.

Trophy to Sophie
On a day we overlook the ocean not from the beach
But up a hill where memories rushed through out minds

Published by Thi Le


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