[DAY 29] Early Morning version

It’s 12:40am now. I don’t usually stay up this late, and I know I’ll regret doing this. Nevertheless, I still have a couple more words to share.

I worked on two websites today: The Tale’s and mine, and I walked away with nothing that I feel satisfied about. Working on a Github page, I’m grateful with all the features I get from WordPress.com and Wix.com, but nothing gives me more contentment than feeling stuck and getting unstuck, so tomorrow, I’ll again spend hours working on these stuff, only hoping that a slight progress can be seen. That’s at the best case scenario, though.

I wonder the people whose websites I admire so much, what do they feel on nights like this? Do they ever stay up late to finish a project they had started? How do they persist through all the hardships that the journey to something good can bring forth? I just really miss my mom. I didn’t expect the school year would be longer than I thought and my summer wouldn’t start until September. I really want to eat something different, even though I am happy with what I have right now.

I’ll be on 30-day streak tomorrow. Instead of writing, I’ll spend that day reading through my posts in the last month and point out what I can improve on. It’s not always good to keep producing more. It’s important to look back and learn from my mistakes. So that’s what I’ll do soon. I hope this next month, I’ll also be able to write more fiction. I think writing about something that’s not real is really hard, yet it stretches my imagination. And it’s fun for the audience to, to read something different than my complains.

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