[DAY 27] Lemon Juice

“If life give you a lemon, you make lemon juice.” But what if I don’t want to drink lemon juice? What if I just want a nectarine or poké instead? “Then you will make lemon juice out of lemon, and when you’re done, you can want anything you want.”

According to myself, I complain a lot. “If only…” something is different. If only the sun isn’t there, but maybe it shouldn’t disappear altogether. If only I have an interesting wardrobe, but it can be even better if I’m a cool minimalists with only thirty-seven items in my closet. If only the colors of the logo aren’t these – #B55C62, #D39482, #F5BC85, #HE6959, #9FAA99, #A2B3C3, #64819F, #383838, #FFF2E3 – then maybe I can think of designs that work well with the colors.

Nevertheless, you know life. Life is bigger than ourselves, and life comes with more uncertainty that all we can do is to accept. To receive the lemon with full appreciation. To start cutting it and squeezing it and enjoy the juice from heaven. “Don’t take anything for granted.”




Today, I got stuck. When I spent hours working on something and ended up with a blank page (literally). When I know I need to take small steps, yet the idea of standing at the finish line triumphantly haunts me. And while I’m writing this, I realize that finish line is nothing but death itself, that I shouldn’t keep making any victory my finish line – not a career title or an acknowledged project – but every moment should be dedicated to continuous growth.

Published by Thi Le


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