[DAY 25] Elon Musk

I didn’t finish my long run today. I thought I would throw up on the street, but I didn’t. I made it home. Now I’m here, with an unsettled stomach, and almost forgot I even have a blog until a friend mentioned hers.

I watched some videos of Elon Must today: two at midnight and one during the day. It was his birthday, I think, a day or two ago. I have read a book about him named Elon Musk written by Ashlee Vance, and even though I acknowledged that this man was no joke, I wasn’t stirred by his determination or talent. I know he would change the world, but reading about him from someone else’s narrative changes my personal perspective of him. Yesterday, I added to that perspective a new and more reliable layer.

I watched his talk at TED. One was in 2017 and one in 2013. When I clicked on the link, I anticipated an arrogant man, as though spending forty minutes doing a speech was a waste of time, and he took his time seriously. “He could also be conceited or rude and bossy.” After all, he sounded as an anti-social and a workaholic in the book. I knew he needn’t be friendly since he’s the ‘fuck you talent’ type of person, or so I thought.

But then, with each of his words chosen mindfully, he painted a space-faring civilization future ahead so beautiful and charming that for a moment I thought this man had to be alive forever. And he didn’t want to enjoy his dream by himself. He said he wanted the future to be an exciting place for everyone to look forward to, and he wanted to help build it. I believe one generation after another will make the future better or worse, yet with Elon Musk I am more certain of what humanity is up to. People questioned him – doubted his move in the space industry and his vision for a sustainable future – while he responded with every punctuation of the plan planned out. “We plan to launch a rocket in two years,” and two years later there it was.

One thing that really hyped me up? He-is-an-introvert! I’m reading Quiet by Susan Cain right now, and all the things she mentioned in it didn’t move me as much as seeing Elon Musk on stage, listening closely to Chris Anderson and other interviewees. His words sound like he read a lot, and it’s fun to find your folks around 🙂

I know not everyone likes Elon Musk, just like how each of us on Earth is never good enough to please humanity. Yet, I think everyone should once learn about who he is and justifies for oneself if Mars will ever be as lively as Earth. Elon Musk is crazy, and his craziness apparently is something we need.

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