[DAY 23] Viet Nguyen and Standing at the Shoreline

I spent quite a lot of time today watching IELTS Face-Off, and I have to admit that it makes me a little bit uncomfortable to learn about all these people and doubt my own life 🙂 Yet, I want to share an idea from Viet Nguyen, a Harvard medical student who was born and raised in America. I love the thoughts, but the way she expresses it is what actually stir up emotions in me.

You can watch it here. It’s at 9:08 that she started talking about standing at the shoreline. Here’s an excerpt.

[Anne Fadiman] mentioned how her role as a writer standing at the cast between the family’s loses and the doctors was like the shoreline between the ocean and the sand. And how there, at those points of turbulence, is where you can see the most dynamic changes and the most movements, and there is where you can see both the ocean and the land. For me it’s been inspiring to not shy away from things that are difficult or uncomfortable, because they can be growing moments.

Viet Nguyen

I am definitely the person who will shy away from hard things. Even though I ask others to be accountable – to remind me and to encourage me to do the things that are difficult. Nevertheless, I recall countless of times I just wanted to stay in land, no matter how desperate I have yearned to see what the ocean, the islands, and the faraway kingdoms have to offer. Looking back, there are many things that I have not put my best effort in, and those low moments certainly pulled me down, down, and down a spiral of disappointment and self-doubts.

I bet even the most optimistic person in town, like me, have to keep reminding herself to look towards the future and let the past slip. I’m reading about introversion and hope that’ll help me to understand myself more. I don’t expect much from a three-hundred-something page book, yet I know I still have a lot to learn in it.

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