[DAY 22] I Think Hormesis is a Dope Term

“Urg, she’s in Sapa? I want to be there, too. “

“What? Her birthday looks so fun. Mine is so dull.”

And then there is this person making an elegant music video and another person happy in their relationships. She is publishing a scientific paper that’s trending and he just got promoted at work.

To me, social media, especially Instagram, doesn’t bring pleasant. The only time I said, “I like Instagram better,” I recalled only photos of spiritual paths in Sri Lanka and the fjord bathing beneath the sky in Norway. I didn’t talk about photos that make me think lowly of myself, and I certainly didn’t mention the numbers, the words, the images that convey more than what it should be. Even though there are ways people go around it, such as having an account only for close friends or limit the amount of followers, yet I don’t think that work for me.

There’s this term in the medical field that I want to introduce here: hormesis. According to wikipedia.com, it “any process in a cell or organism that exhibits a biphasic response to exposure to increasing amounts of a substance or condition.” To state in a more audience-friendly way, it means that if a high dose of one thing brings you harm, lower the amount if it can be beneficial for your body to adjust. The example I can think of right now is in The Vampire Diary. In the series, vampires’ weakness is vervain: with a minimal exposure to vervain make their skin burn and their body feverish. Yet, the most powerful vampire chose to drink it everyday for hundred of years, and she is invincible. People always say, small steps of the positive lead to big change. No one ever thinks small exposure to what harm us can save our lives.

The term doesn’t just to make me smart and for me to show off what I read recently. I want to publicly announce that even though in theory I can one day be less sick of what social media bring forth (or will it, ever?), I want to choose the opposite of choosing social media. I have learned to love myself, and by knowing myself I also know what’s not good for my well-being and my uniqueness: envious at what others are doing and underestimate the value of the progress I have made.

If you don’t think social media is serving you well, consider leaving it. I assure you that those who want to connect will be in the circle. Let the world goes off on its own, but your mission is to nurture what’s important to you. And that doesn’t come from the numbers, the words, and the images. It’s in you.




Some more lines to show off:

I ran 2 miles today. I was not motivated, but I was loyal with my own goal.

I went strawberry picking today. Sam grabbed berries and his whole face was in red just five minutes in the game.

I spent 6 hours studying, and it feels great to make my brain works 🙂

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