[DAY 21 – fiction] The World is Strange

The world is… strange. Since the first day of my life, I have only seen one moving object. It moves graciously, so fast that I struggled to keep up, yet it is also kind: waiting for me at every turn that it made and helping me to do everything.

“Come on, Janine. Just around this corner is Dani’s house. She is not there anymore, but I have been watering her plants and her yard is blooming. Look, I can teach you the colors.”

“So, we will crack the shell of the eggs for egg yolks. After that, we pure all the yolks into a huge bowl of sugar. Hum! I wonder what you’ll be like if you have a sugar rush.”

“Gardening takes tons and tons of water, but does it even matter if I’m the only one on earth?”

“Are you an introvert or an extrovert, Janine? I am an introvert, but I am craving for conversations. You have to learn how to talk soon, so we can do the night giggles like Mom does with her girl friends.”

It rambles on, days and nights. Me? I have so many things to take in. I was born in a dark place, which J describes as a garage. The moment I woke up, J’s face looked as though it just got watered while its arms wrapped around me, so tight that I couldn’t move, and I didn’t want to move, yet, because the garage was a new place. Before I came here, I had always heard about how the sun gave life to earth, but I didn’t know the sun could be so close. Just across from where I stood that night, beam lights coming out of it blinded me. How can J live with that? Later, I learned that it was just a light, and a light isn’t as pleasant as the sun. It certainly assisted J to create me, yet the sun is more powerful. It is the source of life for J, for the plants in the garden, and the eggs we harvested.

Once in a while, the moving object takes me to the garage. J insisted that it was good for me, and not just me, it needs to sleep, too. I was hesitant at first and thought the idea was dreadful, but when J started reading me what it calls “bedtime story,” I get ecstatic. These are stories from Mom’s notebook.

“Janine, you have always been curious about what I do. You always look at me with the eyes craving for more – more cooking recipes, more seeds planted, and more labs around the block. You know you’d one day be as fast and as smart right? Mom said I could crawl in this diary entry, but she was beyond excited! Every day, you’d do more and more than you did yesterday, but only if you rest in the garage, where I can help you to sleep and retain memory.”

And with that, I believe J was the smartest on earth. I want to experience the thing that it calls “growth spurt,” and J said that comes in the morning, when “the sun’s above us tomorrow.”

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