[DAY 17] A Letter to My Future Self

Dear Future Self,

Today isn’t a day to remember with its mediocre tasks, but today marks the beginning of a summer and a gap year that you have always dreamt for. Even though you don’t get to backpack for half of it, to New Zealand, to Israel, or to Thailand, you are enjoying your days at home yet never stops learning. Yes, that’s what I have always been proud of you–never let a day pass without logging in a piece of writing, pages of reading, and a lot of exercises.

This year, you have reached your reading goal of 30 books and have been writing every day. You learned to trust God in every action and are learning still. You have worked hard at school and devoted yourself to extracurricular activities that put you in new communities, and you thrived. Remember the virtual Learning Center? Those days were really fun. You got to work with so many cool managers and students. Some of them were so hard to talk to, but they were so nice all along. A quick reminder: there’s covid-19 and the whole country is in lockdown. Yet, you love it even though you miss your friends so much. You traveled just right before this and you have made your days at home a new adventure by starting to run and to learn from the Internet and from the people in your house. You are loved, and love saves your life.

I don’t know I’m sending it to you in one year, or two years, or five years. It’s hard to know because life right now is as a ride on a roller coaster: everyday brings something different and unique of it, so does every year. But whatever you’re doing, I urge you to stop and take a deep breath. Go outside. Enjoy the atmosphere of wherever you are. Maybe call your parents right now or arrange a time for it (because you might not want to wake them up at 3 in the morning). Call the friend that you have been thinking about but hesitant to talk to. “Maybe they don’t remember me.” “Maybe they are too busy.” No, despise those thoughts. Talk to them and you’ll be grateful about it.

Dear Future Self, please remember to be kind. You have always been kind with yourself, but I urge you to love yourself even more than that. You are a stressful and anxious girl at times, so I urge you to be patient and more patient, because they seeds you plant will eventually flourish.

Be kind, my Future Self, to the people around you. Stop, ask the genuine caring questions, and listen. Ask why they cry. Why they look tired. Why they sound so distant. Ask because if you don’t, you are failing to care the way they need. Be sensitive and understanding: no matter how strong one is, one still needs someone else. Be that someone.



And do you remember just how much Sam lightens you days?

Published by Thi Le


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