[DAY 14 – fiction] The End and a Beginning

“Bye-bye, J. We love you. See you next week at school, okay?”

The school bus came to a gentle halt in front of 221 Front St., and J waved to all of her friend. She didn’t forget to part the bus driver D. with some last words, “Thank you so much, Mr.D. Drive safe and tell me more about your boat next time.”

That’s it. That was the last few seconds of her summer with her camp friends. Next week, they would all be in 6th grade, and after that, they would go to different middle schools. “The three-day weekend will pass like a blink of an eye.”

But J was happy to be home. After all, no matter how many fights she usually had with Mom, she still loved her family and had looked forward to seeing them from the first day of summer. J quickened her pace, while one hand reached the side pocket of her backpack to get the house key. She passed the grass and hobbled on the wooden porch, glancing at the flourishing flowers, “wow, Mom finally can grow some plants.”

As it turned out, the house was empty. The windows were open, and the food seemed to be just put away, with water condensing underneath the lits of the containers.


J checked Mom’s room. Nothing.

“Well fine. I’m just going to take a shower, and it’s great no one is home bombarding me with questions about camp. I’m exhausted.”

Splashing the water on her face, J felt more than refreshing. She turned the water on warm, and when her skin got used to the temperature, she adjusted it hotter and hotter. By the time she was done, the moon was high above and shined so brightly and directly to her bathroom door. Without the loud sound of the shower, everything else reflected only silence.




J falls asleep while reading Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis. The book was strange, and she had a hard time imagining Gregor as an insect. It seemed so bewildered, yet, somehow, she could relate. Somehow.




Hi. If you’re wondering what just happened, I want to let you know that I’m writing little stories and hope to continue this series in the future.

Update on running: I ran 2.5 miles yesterday and biked 3 miles today. I don’t know if it’s because of that or because my health is not going well, but my hands shake more and I often feel exhausted despite enough sleep and eating well.

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