[DAY 12] A Book is a Shark, isn’t it?

People always want to put us in a box and they think that’s who we are. Yet, we are all not normal by the “standard” and we are all not fit in a box, perhaps not until we die.

I, just like many others in this way, am not normal. Especially when it comes to books. I rarely stay up late to read (I don’t stay up late for anything), but I read consistently. I don’t read all the classics like others kids who grew up to be authors did, but I read what I like. And as Neil Gaiman would say – that is all that matters.

I also have this weird attitude about books: I get uncomfortable when a book look too… new. Too clean. Too white. Too, I guess, unused. They say, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” and I agree. Yet, just like how others still put appearances above everything else, I have my own trouble spot as I aforementioned.

So one time, I decided to drop a book from 7th floor down. I just wanted it to look as though it had gone through the ups and downs of life, not just the dozen kilometers from the bookstore to my home and home to school. I wanted it to look special and have a story that I could tell. I wanted to prove one simple point: the content, THE CONTENT, THE CONTENT, is what you should aim for. However, I rarely talk about this experience because it makes me look like a psychopath, an anti-book and a stupid high school kid, even though I am kinda proud of myself.

Books will keep on being books. Even if you drop them or you write in them. A cat peed on my book and I just valued it all the same. Actually, I was happy because the next day I got a story to tell about one of my books!

I think books are great, and it can be even better. Unstoppable expansion of greatness. My mom used to buzz me about how books vanishing from my shelf. Below are my two points I had never told my mom but had always used them as a defense for not keeping track of my books.

  1. Books collecting dust = Knowledge not being spread.
    At least up until this point, I have never felt mad when the books I loaned are not returned. I’m just happy because someone is having them. And it doesn’t even matter that they don’t read any of it. Letting my books fly beyond my house, I believe there are goods happening as a result. When I grow a little bit older. When I have a house of my own and a room empty, I would want to build my own little library. But since the nature of a library is books coming and going, I’d still be happy to share it with everyone else.

  2. Trees are cut down for making those pages. Gotta save the environment y’all!

Well I think the forests are priceless for human and cutting trees to print the same books over is not the best way to grow the human minds. I love going to the library and read the books that have been through who-knows-how-many hands. I know it sounds kinda dirty and gross (because it really is), but as I said, I don’t like things unused, so I’d prefer this.

To end this, I want to share a saying from Neil Gaiman. I’m reading A View from the Cheap Seat, and I love everything he said so far, especially about library and reading.

Books are sharks … because sharks have been around for a very long time. There were sharks before there were dinosaurs, and the reason sharks are still in the ocean is that nothing is better at being a shark than a shark.

Look at a book. A book is the right size to be a book. They’re solar-powered. If you drop them, they keep on being a book. You can find your place in microseconds. Books are really good at being books and no matter what happens books will survive.

Neil Gaiman

Books will keep on being books. And I hope you will also keep on being you. Being at your normal but no one else’s. I shared my craziness with books, and I would love to hear about what you feel crazy about 😉

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