[DAY 10] Run – run – run

I biked today. I used to be an avid biker – I biked to school every day and then biked to anywhere else to have fun. I’d say I rode for an average of 8 miles a day.

But today I was a little bit hesitant at first. It’s like finally seeing someone I loved so much after a long time, and I just didn’t know what to do. The bike was a little high for me, but to be honest, the bike I used to ride on was much higher. The awkward moment left faster than I anticipated, thought. All the concern aforementioned lasted for like a minute, and then I acted as though I was in my natural habitat.

I decided to bike because I wanted to run better. To train myself for races. It’s a part of the cross training necessary to build strength and endurance for running races. I used to be intimidated by running so much. So much that I would prefer lifting 100-pound bar over running a minute. Can’t you just agree that just the act of lifting your feet up for a bazillion times in a minute sounds so exhausting? Why do people even do that? Why? Why? Why?

So, as always, because I was so scared of doing it, I decided to make it my goal – to run better than I ever did. However, the one time that made me feel like I really could run was when my roommate asked me to workout with her. Ariel run for 30 minutes, straight. And because I wanted to hang out with her (she’s so cool that I hung out with her at home and still wanted to at a place 5 miles from home), so I kept it up. I tried to talk (which I now think is really annoying), and I think because we did talk, we ran a bit slower with a more healthy pace. Anyway, at that time, I didn’t even run a minute, but because I had my buddy, I ran 30 minutes straight (with a dozen seconds stop to tie my shoes), and I loved it.

And I knew I could do it. Just like how I knew I could do so many things else. As long as I put in the work and keep up with my goals.

During quarantine, I find it harder to run for long. I didn’t have a buddy. My mind gave up so much faster than my body wanted to. And I just didn’t see the point besides losing weight (which I really don’t need/want to) and stay healthy (yes, very important).

However, I also know deeply that on the days when I did run, I felt so much more alive and energized. What’s more, running is an INDIVIDUAL SPORT! That’s important! You can run at your own pace. You don’t need to wait for anyone. You don’t need to feel the burden of working out with someone looking at you. More, you can enjoy your audiobook as opposed to someone talking nonsense besides you. I mean, I love people, but I feel stress when being around with someone for too long, and that doesn’t even need to count the talking part.

So I decided to train for a race, and hopefully more races. I thought about running in different parts of Vietnam such as Da Nang, Ha Noi, Hue, Quang Binh, etc. Just thinking about being able to see all those beautiful places already make me cry!

I’d go for a 10K first. I got a plan downloaded, and while I’m still stuck in America, I’ll work on endurance and strength. It sucks, though, that I cannot swim for cross training (that’s why I biked), but I want to make the most out of what I already have.

Thank you for reading ’til this part. I intended to share my training plan, but I rambled and it has been too long. Another day then.

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