[DAY 9] I give luck credit.

Hum! That’s something Sherlock Holmes would say. Hi.

It was dead at work today, but I love spending time with my co-workers even just through a virtual Learning Center. I remember getting on Zoom one minute before my shift starts and heard everyone talks about Twilights – some like it, most don’t – and I said to myself, “Can life ever any better than this?”

I told a friend one time, “I have been so lucky to always meet the most kind and amazing people,” but she said she didn’t believe in luck. Because it’s uncertain. Because you can be lucky to meet the loving, and there’s an equal chance you’ll meet a psychopath.

But I do believe in luck because times and again I don’t understand how I am loved and cared for so well. I don’t believe I earn any of this, but I have it any way. If it’s not luck, what can I use to measure?

I have learned to let go the control over my life, because it’s impossible and it’s stressful. I have learned to make the most out of every opportunities that come my way, but also to accept that sometimes I’m not the get-it-all girl. I don’t win all rounds. I don’t excel in all things. I used to be disappointed about that, but now, that’s ok. I don’t win everyone’s hearts. And that’s also okay. I want to believe in magic, and I think magic always come in the most unexpected form, like luck.

Here I am, praising the people I have worked with and not anticipate that they will read it. I want to give credit to luck, a way I let go of the rope of certainty I held on for so long. I want to look for the future as thought there is magic. If it’s full of unlucky time, I wish I can still say, “I have learned a great lesson,” and if it’s not, I guess I’ll keep being thankful, like always. None of these is according to my own control power. It’s life and I embrace it.

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