The sky so high and clear
Lift up my face, dry them tears
Chill breezes soothe my cheeks
Steel my attention from the boredom of them worldly days.

I ground my feet on the earth
Eyes fixed at the serene sky
If only a full stretch of my arms
Could bring the ribbon of stars close to heart.

Aren’t we so greedy?
That keeping the sky where it is,
The forest where it belongs,
And the ocean with its treasures impossible tasks.

Aren’t we so greedy?
Demanding our lives back to its normal
Oblivious of what Nature brought us
Remorseless of what we took from Her hands

Venus the brightest star
Gleaming above our backyard
As though the world is at its peace
But we are in need of a miracle.

T.L. 04/22/2020

Published by Thi Le


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