14 oct 2019

The last thing I want to know or want to happen is someone mentioning my name without my presence there, especially when what they are saying are not nice. Yes I will try not to do terrible things, but hey, you never know what humans are capable of and what lies they can come up with. Therefore, it’s just my thing that I avoid talking or expressing negative comments about other people. I also try not to mention their names at all even to compliment them, although from time to time I think that’s unnecessary and taking way the fun and gratefulness of conversations.

One big thing about not gossiping is you have to forgive them to not make a big deal out of their mistakes. I do that by keep reminding myself that these people are just all humans. Humans are capable of wrongdoings, that the first thing. Secondly, because everyone is good at very unique things, you can’t expect a person to be as responsible as you when that’s your gift, not theirs. At least they try, and that’s what matters.

I learn a lot about forgiveness when I was with my sister. She is ten yearss old, so certainly she still has a lot to learn. Bit I expect her to be good at so many things that she isn’t meant to be good at. I ask her to stay still at her desk to study while obviously she loves sport and loves learning through experimenting. I should’ve understood her better and understood this aspect of life — that you just can’t have anyone to do exactly what you expect. They are not you. My sister is not me, and to some extent I have put pressure on my sister instead of being loving as an older family member.

I learn the lesson now. I learn that yes sometimes I can’t avoid the little voice in my head saying “he/she is so immature”, but as I’m capable of judging others, I am also capable of encouraging them to be excel in what they are gifted at. I can except them as who they are.

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