AI — judging the judges

And judicial biases can be far less malicious than racism: a study of Israeli judges found them far more severe in their decisions before lunch and more lenient in granting parole after having a good meal.

AI superpowers — China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order

It’s impossible for humans to be objective, especially when it comes to judging others and judging what is right or wrong. But hey after all the truth isn’t always most ethical.

A person is sexually harassed but he or she refuses to report it. Should we “help” them do it even though we know they are not okay with that?

A person has mentally and physically hurt others, severely destroying lives in indirect ways, and then that person is killed. Do the murder truly deserve the death sentence while he or she is just trying to save their beloved ones?

Nobody ever knows what to do in these cases. We all know the truth, but we struggle so much in living for that truth, because they are ethically wrong. Humans are prone to be emotional, and emotions are what make us who we are today. We have not done well on this Earth because we are smart, but because we can feel, and we turn those feelings into actions.

Kai-Fu Lee believes that with artificial intelligence, humans can go far in gathering information to find the truths. I am critical. I don’t think I need the truth that much. I think it’s why human and technology are supposed to complement each other, not substituting. I hope that will be in the future.

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